Welcome to Rev250: Celebrating the American Revolution’s 250th Anniversary.

Rev250 is a vibrant commemoration of the pivotal events, courageous individuals, and enduring ideals that shaped the American Revolution and laid the foundation for the United States of America. As we approach the 250th anniversary of this historic moment in our nation’s history, we invite you to join us in honoring the spirit of revolution, innovation, and liberty that continues to inspire generations around the world.

The Abbeville Co Historical Society is the organizational sponsor of REV 250 in Abbeville Co. The REV 250 Committee also includes the Abbeville District History Club. If you would like to join the Abbeville REV250 Committee, please contact Chairman Tom Howie or call the Abbeville Co Historical Society at 864-366-8193. We will be adding more to the display before 2026 (the 250th Anniversary) and welcome American Revolutionary period items from the community permanently or on loan. The display will become a permanent one as part of our total military collections.