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Vietnam Veterans Visit Exhibit


 Veterans of the Vietnam War visited the exhibit of relics of the Vietnam War on Saturday, April 18th.  Pictured are Foster McLane, John Robert Alexander and Larry Pursley.  The exhibit consisted of a slide show, uniforms, photos and many other items.

Bertram Hayes-Davis Guest Speaker


Abbeville County Historical Society Board Members, Harriett Simpson and Bill Rogers welcome Mr. and Mrs. Bertram Hayes-Davis to Abbeville.  Davis spoke about his Great=Great Grandfather, Jefferson Davis, to more than 60 in attendance at the McGowan-Barksdale-Bundy House on the evening of April 8th.

Francis Salvador – Paul Revere of the South


Dr. Stefan Wiecki, Professor of History at Presbyterian College, presented a program on Francis Salvador.  Salvador was the first Jew to serve in the  Revolutionary War.  He ended up losing his life as he was shot two times and scalped by the Cherokee Indians.  His ride through the dangerous Indian Territory  exceeded the miles covered by Paul Revere’s ride.  Dr. Wiecki’s presentation brought home to Abbeville the significance of our  revolutionary history.

Spring Meeting


Bob Speer, chairman of Abbeville County Historical Society, welcomed those in attendance at the Spring Meeting held on March 29th.  Approximately 50 were in attendance.  Speer noted several events planned, the work recently completed on the McGowan-Barksdale-Bundy House, fund-raising events to continue preservation of the house, and goals of the society.  He also stressed there is an increase in  tourists visiting the house,  caboose and grounds at the society’s headquarters – The McGowan-Barksdale-Bundy House.

Dr. Connie McNeil Receives Recognition


Abbeville County Historical Society presented Dr. Connie McNeil an award for her extraordinary work in Genealogy.  Pictured are Bob Speer, Chairman of the Society, Dr. McNeil and Bill Rogers who made the presentation to Dr. McNeil.

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